"Music Is Not What I Do ...

It's Who I Am"

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Be Your Own Song --- Be The Painter!!!

"You need to be a painter when you sing!!! When you sing you are singing poetry and putting that poetry into a moving picture. True poetry in motion. You need to envision the lyrics as a picture and then you need to paint a picture of the lyrics with your voice as the paint brush.

Much like an artist on a massive white blank canvass. There are very few who have this unique niche. Blessed are those who have the magical gift to paint with their own palate.

Julie Andrews said she was told to carry the note far beyond the journey, see the note and keep reaching further. Sing EVERY song you perform as if YOU wrote it.

Give the song the respect it deserves. That's somebody's poetry there --- a piece of their life.

Sing it as if it’s yours. TELL THE STORY --- SING THE STORY!

Absolutely own the song and sing it exactly as if you were the person who wrote it.

Anyone can be a singing head --- it's when you become an ARTIST that the true music awakens!!!"

Joan Minnery, Director - SiNG iT

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