"Music Is Not What I Do ...

It's Who I Am"

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Every Person Is Important -- Every Person Is A Star

What do you get when you cross a steam locomotive with a nuclear reactor, add a pinch of sugar and spice

and everything nice, throw in a few Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber songs and ingratiate Elvis into their blood stream?

You get SiNG iT led by Brantford’s very own Mary Poppins. Our SiNG iT vocal music students range in ages 5-50+

and like their mentor --- they happily belt out songs from today and yesteryear all over Brantford, Brant County

and surrounding areas. At SiNG iT we know that music should always be about fun and

make-believe and should come with smiles, laughter, camaraderie and a glitter of Disney pixie dust. 

Our classes are in a very laid-back fun open concept room decorated with music notes and Elvis memorabilia.

Classes are $25/half hour session.  

SiNG iT classes are 30 minutes long -- generally on the same time/day once per week. 

SiNG iT students learn how to correctly use their voices for the stage, while also building skills

in breathing, intonation, pitch, harmonization and tone. We will spend time on drama, costuming, characterization, role playing, facial expression, props and stage projection.  We also learn how to move on stage and the interpretation of tunes and lyrics.  Our classes also encourage original song-writing and learning percussion instruments to accompany ourselves on stage, mainly the Cajon.  

We do a LOT of shows.  Our aim is to allow students to learn the essential elements of performing.

We believe that students who study music are fortunate to have feelings of self worth that come through perseverance and a job well done. We are committed to fostering the musical growth in each student and helping them reach their individual goals, enjoying the journey along the way and performing in a live group environment. Our students will learn to deliver their performances with far more power, passion and emotion that will enable them to connect with an audience. They will come away with the concept of learning to sing and move at the same time while learning the art of stage presence and interpretation.

Above all they will make new friends while having FUN!!!

We welcome students of various levels of experience and all backgrounds and abilities.

Our goal is to teach in a fun laid back way that benefits each student as an individual and

attain their own personal next best level of achievement in the performing arts.

We strive to put the emphasis on FUN TEAM WORK!!!